A lighthearted conversation with Shehara Wooten, Author of “In the Meantime”, a book about re-writing your financial narrative. We shared tips to make personal finance playful. Don´t want to miss it!

1′ – Introduction

3′ – Racial wealth gap

5′ – Universal principles for everyone

7’30” – Book journey of a story teller

13′ – Creative types and money

20′ – Book key lessons

22’30” – Tips to make money matter playful

30′ – Final thoughts


The Author

With over 17 years experience in financial services, she is the founder and financial planner of Your Story Financial, LLC, a virtual, fee-only fiduciary boutique firm committed to helping women and #STEM professionals oversee their financial affairs. At Your Story Financial, they believe everyone has a story, especially when it relates to one’s finances. Shehara helps clients create their financial success story, one chapter at a time.

Originally from Columbus, OH and graduated with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Ohio State University Shehara reinvented herself. Soon after working as an engineer and taking on various roles, she decided to pursue her purpose in promoting financial literacy and financial planning.

In 2004, she changed careers and began working with a global financial institution. Five years later in 2009, she became a financial advisor with a national broker-dealer firm and began assisting professionals, business owners, married and single women with their financial futures. After seven years with that broker-dealer firm, she launched her own firm to continue to promote financial literacy and stay true to her vision to provide financial planning regardless of one’s age or accumulated assets.

In addition to helping clients achieve financial success, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, hosting line dance parties, reading a good non-fiction book, watching historical documentaries, and spending time with her husband.

The book

Did you know that Black wealth will fall to zero by 2053 unless we do something about it?

Shehara Wooten’s In the Meantime: Own Your Financial Narrative highlights people who have succeeded by creating their own definition of financial freedom. Systems exist that have excluded the Black community’s ability to achieve wealth. However, despite the challenges, readers can be inspired by the stories of others who have succeeded “in spite of.”

You’ll learn the power of values and tenacity and gain insights on personal finance while hearing about innovative and inspiring people, such as:

  • How O.W. Gurley, the founder of “Black Wall Street,” was ahead of his time
  • How to determine your values so you can create a path for financial success
  • How various entrepreneurs are creating their own definition of financial freedom
  • When you embrace the principles of In the Meantime, you can make a change for yourself, your family, and the generations to come.

You can find the book here

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In the Meantime: Own Your Financial Narrative


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