How to Bring Creativity and Play to the Workplace

I would be very happy if you decide to Join The Playful Revolution. We really need you bringing more joy to the workplace.

To make the most of the book I have prepared some printable material, and I have added a couple of bonus extra.

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  • Printable templates and session blueprints from the book
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  • A mini visual communication course, to start from scratch
  • One Livestream Workshop – Streaming in May, 2022

In addition, you will enter a contest with the opportunity to win a 90′ consultation session with me.

And one more thing…

I included a couple of Ester Eggs inside the book, and there will be some extra perks for those who find them…

I hope you enjoy them :)


Story of My Book

Join The Playful Revolution is a book about how to leverage the small cracks in the system to innovate right where you are. It provides inspiration, strategies and tools to begin your very own #playfulrevolution.

My name is Begoña Pino and I am the author of Join The Playful Revolution. I decided to write this book because I feel the world really needs more creativity right now in order to solve big problems in a volatile and uncertain context. Also, I think most people need to activate their creativity to deal with change, new situations and new emotions.

Join The Playful Revolution cover

This book explores the intersections of creativity, play and the workplace, making the most of the opportunities that you have. It describes processes and tools to bring the best of people’s imagination out in the world, and it makes a strong case for inclusion and diversity as a core component of innovation. The main point is about finding the small cracks in the system where you can plant the seed of innovation, and then be patient enough to keep finding more cracks and planting some more. Over time, even a small seed can grow in concrete.

My hope is that, in reading this book, you will discover the value that play and humour can bring to the work space, and how neurodiversity can be a real asset in any innovation team. In this book, I hope to instill in you the same sort of passion and excitement that I have for creativity in all its forms (theory, my own practice, facilitation in others). Ultimately, I want you to see this book as a tool to help you grow in creative confidence first and activate it in teams and groups (including friends and family).

In this book, you’ll learn about creative mindset, confidence and environments as well as the importance of patience, discipline, play, humour and risk taking. You’ll hear stories such as:

  • One man who organised a 1 hour game session and saved the company $6.5 million
  • A team leader who took his team on a secret self-funded teambuilding weekend

  • A marketer who created a viral campaign with 10M views out of a joke

You will love this book if you have an itch for innovating, want to bring more playfulness to your life or need to get a team up to speed in a challenging project.

Join The Playful Revolution is a nonfiction book that speaks to team leaders in technology and any changemaker (human resources, executives) who want to look at creativity and play in a new way that elevates innovation, productivity, engagement and team happiness.

“I run a pre-sale campaign in April 2020, and you can find out more details about the book there: Playful Revolution