A conversation with Ilia Epifanov, Fiction Ghostwriter and Developmental Editor, Author of “Crescent Earth”. We talk about the story of his latest book, the challenges of writing and coaching writers, creativity and play, designing the future and more. He has 30 ghostwritten novels across Romance, Mystery, and SF genres. 150+ books developed.

I met Ilia while writing my own book Join The Playful Revolution, and he had the not easy task to coach me in the early stages of the process. If you are looking for someone to give your book direction, you will be in very capable hands if you work with Ilia.




The Author

Ilia Epifanov is an author and developmental editor, born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and currently living in Los Angeles. He has a degree in creative writing for entertainment and makes a living helping fellow authors achieve their writing dreams. Ilia has written comics and ghostwritten 30+ romance and mystery novels. With his new sci-fi mystery Crescent Earth, Epifanov speaks to sci-fi fans who want to grapple with the themes of love and loss in a new, exciting way. In his spare time, Ilia likes to take his two Pomeranians to the park and read crime fiction and comic books. He gets his inspiration from long walks with his family and traveling abroad.


The Book

Crescent Earth

“Like most flying saucers you’ve heard or read about, like most UFOs documented throughout history… This one is piloted by a human, a traveler through time.” – Dr. Haywood Williams Frankie Mason is dead.

In Ilia Epifanov’s sci-fi mystery Crescent Earth, the first intentional murder committed by a sentient android creates shock waves that threaten to change how androids are perceived. Rene Robertson is sentenced to labor on a moon base for the rest of time. Most of the human race is satisfied that justice has been properly dealt. Everyone except James Mason, Frankie’s only son. And now Tom, James’ companion, is left with a dilemma. The trauma of witnessing the murder first-hand has left a permanent scar on them both.

James has no way to move on from the terrifying memory… Until they are offered exciting positions on the moon base, creating a career opportunity that will put Tom on the fast track. And even though James is rich and doesn’t need a job, he suspiciously agrees to go. As Tom tries to put their lives back to normal, being in the same location as Frankie’s murderer sets in motion a chain of events as inevitable as they are horrible. But James must have his answers, whatever the cost.



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