Meet Fabienne Jacquet, disruptive innovator by birth, author of Venus Genius by will power. We discuss creativity and play in innovation, the importance of diversity and the power of visuals. She introduces her new project adapting her book content to a teen audience. Her goal is to equip trouble makers with skills and mindsets to become change makers.


00:00 Fabienne Jacquet, Author of Venus Genius: The Female Prescription for Innovation

02:00 What is the role of creativity and play in innovation?

07:00 How much does diversity impacts innovation?

12:00 How do you use visual communication in your daily life?

20:00 Big lesson: be yourself and change the world

30:00 Next: supporting teenagers on their path from trouble makers to change makers


The Author

While she was by no means predestined for the sciences, Fabienne Jacquet, a natural born rebel, graduated as Docteur d’Etat (PhD) in Organic Chemistry from Institut National Polytechnique in Toulouse, France. Fabienne has a successful career as a scientist and innovator who has worked with prestigious companies including Colgate-Palmolive.

She brings her fearlessness and resilience to all that she sets her mind to, including her own company, INNOVEVE®, dedicated to bringing feminine DNA to the progression of innovation. She is always dreaming up fresh, fun and dynamic ideas in the name of celebrating female empowerment and the evolution of innovative thought.


The Book

Venus Genius: The Female Prescription for Innovation explores innovation from different perspectives: historical, scientific, sociological, cultural and practical — all through the feminine lens.

It addresses the shortage of women in innovation and how important it is to address this as a first step to inclusion. This book reveals that any innovator can acquire the necessary skills to create meaningful innovation.

Venus Genius is about celebrating the duality of the feminine and the masculine in all human beings. It dares us to activate both energies to create innovation that brings true value to our world. To date, the world (and innovation) has been mainly driven by masculine energy, and we can no longer ignore gender.

This book will help you discover that you have latent feminine skills. Wherever you stand on the masculine/feminine spectrum, rebalancing towards the opposite makes you a more centered human being in your personal and professional life.

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