I am on a 10 year quest to reach global creativity activation. I believe we need to step up a notch in every individual’s creative quotient if we are to solve global problems. There are more elements necessary but creativity is my domain of expertise and passion, thus, my choice of contribution.

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I will be sharing everything I know and learn on the way to help anyone interested to increase their creativity. That involves acquiring creative confident, creative mindset, creative habit, and creative pursuits. Together with related information I will be setting up challenges to get people from zero to 1, and then move forward on their Creative Sensei Way.  A Sensei is a master, and I am convinced we are born with the necessary abilities to become a creative master.

So, how will I know I have succeeded? Well, according to current population, I have set an arbitrary number of 6 Billion ( people in order to consider my quest a success. By measuring up the number of people who use this hashtag #6Bcreative, which is to be used only once by an individual, when they complete at least one of the creative challenges I am going to put out.

Yes I know it is very ambitious and not very realistic. My first goal is roughly… get the first 6 :) I’m aware I will not be able to achieve this on my own, so I ask everyone with a circle of influence on and offline, to join me on this quest, and make yourselves known to me either by following me on social media or adding #6Bcreativesenpai to your posts… Although I would rather know who you are by messaging :)

  1. The very first challenge is about gaining creative confidence, by taking one minute a day for 21 days to create something minimal and sharing it with the hashtag #1minutecreativechallenge.

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Now go and use your creative superpowers!!

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