Do you think you are not creative? Do you know you are creative but don´t do much with it?

I have set up the #1minutecreativechallenge to take you from zero to 1 in your creativity quotient, be that first level based on developing creative confidence or creative habit.



Creative confidence is a necessary ingredient to use the creative superpowers we are all born with. Children have both, the superpower and the conviction they have it (or, more like, a complete disregard about such a thing), they just create all the time. Adults have a life long history of a) not using their creativity and b) believing they don´t have it.

So, instead of showing you research that proves you wrong, I just want you to get to it, one minute at a time, because it is all it takes to create the Minimum Creative Output. If you are ready to commit a total of 21 minutes of your time, (in small 1 minute units), you will have a body of work of 21 small pieces to prove it to yourself. Your first creative portfolio.

Ok, I’m not talking about quality or super-original work, just a first small stretch of your creative mind. Just a proof and the first building block of your creative confidence. After that, there will be bigger challenges to take you further in your creative path if you choose to do so.

Then, there is a creative habit you need to incorporate to your day if you want to become more creative. The challenge is setup for 21 days because according to experts, this is the minimum amount of days it may take to acquire a new habit. And it is enough to test it, and to start transforming your mindset. In sports, they normally talk about 6 weeks to see fitness changes, and I would advise you to keep going for 6 weeks if we take creativity as a muscle that needs training. However, the purpose of the challenge is to take you from zero to 1 in a 0-10 creativity scale, and 21 days is a smaller and more achievable commitment.

The #1minutecreativechallenge

  1. Choose one creative domain: writing, drawing, photography, cooking, dancing (or any other)
  2. Choose one specific output for your chosen domain. Here are some ideas (but you can define your own):
    • Writing:
      • Write an original thought about a topic you are passionate about (tweet size)
      • Write a haiku – a japanese poetry form composed of three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllabae respectivelly (research for more details)
    • Drawing:
      • Draw small icons of concepts you talk about all the time. You can google the word + icon and then do a freehand version of it, but the list has to be relevant to your work or interests
      • Listen to some music and doodle around it, for 1 minute. You can video record it, or take a snapshot after you have done it.
    • Photography
      • choose a theme of your interest and take a picture a day. No need to edit it.
      • Take a picture of whatever grabs your attention during your way to work, school or other daily journey. (see my instagram account @creativesenseiway #onmywaytowork for inspiration)
    • Cooking
      • Cook dinner (or lunch, or whatever) with up to 5 ingredients you already have and take a picture.
    • Dancing:
      • Play some music and start dancing. You may play the same music every time, but need to move differently. don´t worry about cool movements, choreagraphy or the like… funny movements will cover the goal, as long as they are different than previous ones. Video record (this is good for tiktok, but take a snapshot if you are shy)guy dancing
  3. Register your output:
    • Take a snapshot, video, or the like, so you have a permanent record of you output. Decide on one formula and stick with it
  4. Share it daily in social media (at least in one of these: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) with the hashtags #1minutecreativechallenge and #21dayscreativehabitchallenge
  5. After you 21 days (you may skip a day or two every now and again, but make sure you create 21 items),
    • you will have completed the challenge, and I’m sure you will feel a little more creative -even if just a tiny bit.
    • This is the time to look at your body of work, put it together in one screencapture or gallery of some sort and share it with the above hastags plus #6Bcreatives.
    • You are now part of a quest to increase the global creative quotient.
  6. What now? 
    • Seek out new challenges to keep developing your creative superpowers
    • Share the challenge with others you think may benefit from it, and encourage them to give it a chance. Become a Creative ‘Senpai’ (the senior student who teaches others)

Now go and use your creative superpowers!

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