Hi, I’m Begoña, your creative senpai (senior student). I’m here to share everything I know about creativity to help you and your team become more confident and active about your creativity.

Creativity is a human feature we are all born with. It requires two ingredients : creative confidence (believing we are creative) and creative habit (using it).

Begoña Pino

…long explanation:

I am passionate about creativity: using it, learning about it, activating it in people, collecting creativity related gear, and the like. I’m a total geek about creativity and I believe the world needs everyone to reach their creative potential.

I have been creative my whole life, which is not to say I have a big body of work to show for it. However, it is my mission to help everyone interested to step up a notch in the current creative quotient so they can improve their lives and jobs.

I use humour and playfulness as core principles, focus on problem solving and innovation processes and use tools like Lego, board games, and tons of sticky notes…

I am currently focused on learning about the neuroscience of creativity and facilitating different processes like Design Thinking, or Lego Serious Play.