Be present – an interview with Stephen Rasmussen

Stephen Rasmussen: photographer, martial arts teacher, artist, actor, graphic designer, meditator, and creator.

I met Stephen years ago, at the Edinburgh University Shukokai Karate Club, and his personality and mine clicked almost instantly. We have kept in touch over the years and now we both live in Madrid, and are crative buddies.

Stephen Rasmussen

He is a creative person, and a master of Silat, a not very well known martial art, and who better than him to open this section of Creators in the blog by Creative Sensei.

I have broken down the interview in three sections, and will complete it with some summaries soon.

Part 1

  • Childhood
  • Creativity
  • Practice
  • Work (vs. discipline)

Part 2

  • photography
  • martial arts
  • painting
  • pottery

Part 3

  • acting
  • chocolate (dopamine, and creativity)
  • future, being present, flow, challenge

Be present

Find Stephen

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