#Introduceyourself: creativity, learning and lessons from a clown

Hello everyone,

I believe Steemit is a community full of pioneers an alternative thinkers, thus, the kind of people most ready to innovate and attempt new things. I feel I am in the right place since I want to change the world by helping people to be more creative so they make/do things that change the world.

After reading a little bit about what the blockchain technology can bring us, I decided to dive into living a distributed life, in order to experience it first hand. Then I discovered Steemit, Dtube and many alternatives to the big social networks. These are certainly exciting times.

I will be posting about mostly creativity but also about learning. Most of the creative domains require some skill level. Although I enjoy deconstructing some of them so the very minimal essential so you can create something (i.e. building one string guitars), there is always some amount of learning involved, thus my interest in learning hacks as well.

Thus, for now, let´s make this post useful by sharing my visual summary of ‘Hacking your learning’, an interview of Tim Ferriss by Chase Jarvis that I uploaded to youtube some time ago but I uploaded to Dtube for your benefit and mine.


This type of visual summary is called sketchnoting and I will talk more about that in future posts.

One more thing:

I have been a therapeutical clown (or clown doctor) at a children’s hospital for 9 years now, and I have seen different things happening to me. I am a parent and a team leader in a mid-sized company. These are some of the things that I have seen-learned-discovered:

1.- I know what my priorities are. (The first day in the hospital, you just know).
2.- I know how impactful a smile is
3.- I have seen tension dissipate by using humour in meetings
4.- I know how impactful making one to one personal contact is
5.- I have seen my clown character take over my personality at the office
6.- I have seen how pleased people have been to see my clown personality as if there was a need for it in that context
7.- I feel a sense of ‘nothing is impossible’ ‘yes, let’s try it’ at work that comes directly from the clown
8.- I have started to instill the child-like outlook in my collaborators and keen colleagues
9.- I have come out of the clown closet
10.- I have realised that there are many clowns, artists, dreamers, writers, whatever… that are in the closet and checkout part of who they are at the door
11.- I have started an insider conspiracy to create a safe environment so those who choose to do so feel safe to share more of who they are at work and feel happier and more fulfilled
12.- I have developed the confidence to improvise, which is a good creativity training
13.- I have realised that the opposite of fear is playfulness

I intend to expand slowly on the above and share some of my experiencies as a therapeutical clown at Saniclown (Spain). I would like to donate whatever money those posts make to them. If that is against Steemit rules, please, do let me know.

And that is all for now, thank you for reading this far, I hope to see you around.

Activate your creativity and change the world!!


ps. this post will be published both at creativesensei.com and steemit.com